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Steel stainless and heat-resistant

Tape spring loaded stainless steel

Metallurgical products – Hax-Inox

Hax-Inox is a company specializing in the wholesale and retail sale of various metallurgical products. We offer a wide range of steel products as well as other metals and metal alloys. We cooperate with the best steel mills located in Western Europe, so that we can meet the high requirements of our contractors. We care about the highest quality of products and services, as confirmed by appropriate approvals and certificates. We are a trustworthy company and our most important mission is to meet the expectations and needs of our customers. We have extensive experience in the supply of metallurgical products, which makes contractors happy with cooperation with our company. If you wish to purchase the products available in our offer, we encourage you to contact us by phone or e-mail. We will answer your questions and establish the terms of cooperation.

What products are in our offer?

Our offer includes various products, m.in. calibration films, which are mainly used in laboratories, production lines, as well as in field work. In addition, we sell stainless steel films and precision films. The range also consists m.in. heat-resistant tapes, steel and precision. We also have heat-enhanced steel hardened tapes, ideal for hardening. Class 1.1248 hardened steel is ideal for the production of gear knives, which are also on offer.

For our customers we have prepared certified steel products:

  • Stainless
  • acid-resistant,
  • Carbon
  • Spring.

Our offer also consists of tool steel. We supply steel wires, among which you m.in. stainless steel wires and heat-resistant wires.

We provide assistance and support in choosing the best products for your needs. We remain available at all times of receiving the order. We organize the smooth execution of orders, including those for small quantities of products. By purchasing products from our offer, you can count on competitive prices and expert advice.