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General terms and conditions sale

1. General provisions

1. General conditions of sale govern the conclusion and implementation of contracts for the sale of goods offered by the company "HAX-INOX Marta hook" based in Gliwice, as the seller.

2. These terms and conditions apply to all contracts for the sale of goods and services entered into with the seller. Any waiver of these terms and conditions of sale require the written consent by the seller.

3. the buyer accepting the general sales terms and consent to the processing of personal data by the seller to perform the contract, and for marketing purposes related to its activities.

4. The purchaser shall have all the powers in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 at the protection of personal data (Journal of laws of 2002, No 101, item 926 with amendments, if any, together.), and in particular the right to access their own personal information.

5. the definitions used in the further part of this general conditions of sale:

(a)) the GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS-general conditions of sale

(b)) the seller is a company "HAX-INOX" based in Gliwice

(c)) the buyer – an entity which is the other party to the contract of sale

(d)) item-commercial goods that are the subject of a contract with the buyer


1. The contract is concluded in the case of an order in writing by the buyer and the confirmation of its acceptance by the seller, or by the signature of the contract.

3. prices

1. where the parties do not agree otherwise, the prices referred to in the offers are binding during the period specified in the offer. If the period is not provided prices are binding for a period of 14 days from the date of the offer.

2. the prices for the goods offered by the seller do not include value added tax (VAT), unless explicitly indicated otherwise.

3. the costs associated with the delivery of the material to the buyer and other services are determined individually in the order.

4. The final price and currency of goods shall be determined on the basis of the prices on the seller on the date of the order confirmation. The prices can be given in a foreign currency and unless otherwise provided, for the purposes of the invoice shall be converted on the gold sales rate NBP, from the day before. In the case of some of the best ranges can include variable-alloying element. The final invoice value will take into account the height addition foot current on the day of delivery, unless otherwise agreed.

5. If you haven't made jointly with the seller procedures for obtaining consistent NBP on contracts and billing in other currencies shall be that the invoices are issued in zloty (PLN).

4. Information about products

1. All technical information concerning goods, grades, dimensions, conversion rates, sizes, tolerances and weight and the quality of the resulting from the catalogues, brochures and other advertising materials provided by the seller are indicative.

2. The seller is obliged to deliver the goods in accordance with the order of the buyer and is not responsible for its further application

3. products meet agreed specifications. If the specifications are not agreed, the products will match the standards DIN/PN/EN or ASTM


1. the seller shall make every effort to merchandise is properly secured and packed.

2. the price of the packaging is not included in the price of the goods, unless it is expressly stated in the order.

6. The quantity and quality of

1. During deliveries, due to the nature of the offered products, the seller reserves the margin of accuracy of quantitative analysis in the implementation of the order at the level of the plus/minus 20%, and the value of the invoice will correspond to the final amounts of the goods.

2. the seller reserves the right to, that the sale of goods quantities (weight) is determined on the basis of the weight of the theoretical and based on the weight of the theoretical calculated is its price.

For goods whose weight is determined by its volume, adopts the following theoretical weight:

for aluminum sheet-2.70 kg/dm3
for the metal zinc, titanium-7.20 kg/dm3
for sheets of brass and bronze-8.50 kg/dm3
for copper sheets – 9.0 kg/dm3
for steel plates, carbon steel, stainless and acid resistant steel – 8.0 kg/dm3

Weight, or the number of printed or otherwise indicated on the supplied products, will be deemed correct unless it is proved that it is different. In the case of disputes, the measuring equipment must have the current legalization or authentication.

3. The goods shall correspond to the specifications agreed between the seller and the buyer in the framework of a specific contract or the general specifications of the seller.

4. the seller is not responsible for other products than those that are described in the specification.

5. Appropriate approvals, certificates, declarations of conformity or other evidence of the quality of the goods, shall be attached to the delivered goods or invoice, if such a requirement is stated in the confirmation of the order or agreement. The seller does not verify the technical information contained in the application, certificates and other documents certifying quality.

6. Providing certification and certificates may be subject to a fee and for reasons not attributable to the seller to take place after the delivery of the goods.

7. delivery, DELIVERY PERIOD

1. the seller provides the delivery of the ordered goods, if such terms agreed in the order confirmation, indicated in the order by the buyer address. Within the period specified in the order confirmation. If you do not set the date of delivery, the seller shall deliver the goods in accordance with its schedule of supply.

2. The delivery period may be extended by the duration of the obstacles as a result of circumstances beyond the control of the parties. for example. non-punctual delivery by suppliers, transport and customs delays, obstacles, including roadblocks, time constraints on the road trucking, electricity shortages, widespread shortages of materials and raw materials, etc. in particular, force majeure.

3. the party that will rely on the circumstances mentioned in paragraph 2 is obliged to notify the other parties of their existence.

4. If the seller fails to meet the delivery date, despite the designation of him by the buyer, agreed period entitle the Buyer to claim your compensation rights.

5. In the case of goods with own the buyer shall pick up the order at the place and time specified in the order confirmation. In the event of delay in acceptance, the buyer may be charged for storage. In the absence of a deadline in the order confirmation, the buyer shall be obliged to receive the goods as soon as possible after notification of its availability.

6. In the case of withdrawal of the contract, in whole or in part, the buyer shall be obliged to cover all costs incurred by the seller relating to the implementation of this order. Order may not be withdrawn without the consent of the Seller, in writing.


1. the order shall be deemed to be adopted to implement when exposed by the seller's written confirmation.

2. Since the release of the goods to the buyer or to a carrier in the freight forwarder the risk of damage to or loss of the goods passes to the buyer

3. in the absence of detailed arrangements delivery shall take place at the discretion of the Seller for the selection of the fastest and the cheapest way of sending the goods.

9. liability, warranty and guarantee

1. the buyer is obliged to check the delivered goods in terms of quantity, quality and defects hidden immediately after it is received.

2. Report any complaints must be made immediately after receipt of the goods, under penalty of loss of privilege in respect of derogations. The buyer is obliged to record this fact in the documents of the carrier in the presence of the driver delivering goods and with his signature. So drawn up protocol Buyer will transfer at the latest within 3 working days after delivery to the seller in order to agree on the further course of the proceedings.

2. In the case of damage to the packaging or the goods, the buyer shall record this fact in the documents of the carrier in the presence of the driver delivering goods and with his signature.

3. the buyer is obliged immediately to report in writing any quality defects of the goods not later than 3 days from the identification of the defect.

4. Any complaints concerning the goods will be considered only in the case of delivery not more than 6 months have elapsed.

5. Defective goods by the buyer shall be at the disposal of the Seller in the form acceptable to the inspection and testing. If the test result shows that the claim costs of research covered by the buyer.

6. In the event of defect the seller agrees to replace the goods free from defects or defect to remove. In such cases, the exchange of goods will take place immediately, unless the goods free from defects is available in the warehouses of the seller.

Otherwise, the Exchange will be made within 3 months from the date of notification of the defect.

7. The seller is released from all liability under warranty, if the buyer knew about the defect at the time of conclusion of the contract, place an order, submit him deals, providing document delivery, as well as in the other cases referred to in the applicable provisions of law.

8. the seller shall not be liable if the goods were improperly applied or processed by the purchaser.

9. If among the goods sold and delivered to the buyer only some are faulty and should be removed from the goods free from defects, the buyer's permission to make a complaint is limited to the defective goods.

10. The initiation of a complaint does not release the buyer from the obligation to pay for deliveries.

11. the seller shall not be liable to the buyer of warranty.


1. acceptance of returns is only with the consent of the seller, expressed in writing.

2. Return of goods occurs only by accepting return document by the seller.

3. a condition for acceptance of the returned goods is that they are undamaged, properly secured and signposted.

11. payment terms

1. The invoice issued by the seller are paid within the period specified on the invoice from the date of issue of the invoice

2. the buyer is obliged to pay the advance payment/deposit in the amount and the date specified in the order confirmation.

3. In case of delay of payment, the seller is entitled to charge statutory interest, starting from the date on which the period for payment specified in the invoice.

4. In the event of delay in payment by the buyer or its other activities to the detriment of the seller. The seller reserves the right to withhold supplies or the provision of services to the time of payment or the removal of the obstacles affecting the implementation of the agreed benefits.


1. the seller reserves the right of ownership of the goods until payment of the whole amount, unless the parties agree otherwise in writing.

2. in the case of processing, the processing of the item unpaid or its connections with foreign goods, the seller acquires ownership of the new product in proportion to the value of the unpaid goods in the total value of the new product.

3. Until all liabilities by the buyer, the seller has the right to receive any product in the possession of the title. By placing an order the buyer authorizes this seller to the entrance or to the building, where the products are stored, in order to take them back.

4. in the case of disposal by the buyer of unpaid products, Seller will take over rights to the buyer claim for payment to a third party, in proportion to the outstanding debt sold and outstanding products.


1. Legal relations governed by these GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS regulates only the right Polish.

2. Any dispute arising out of these rules shall be resolved by the ordinary courts competent for the registered office of the seller.


1. these GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS shall form an integral part of, any offer presented by HAX-INOX.

2. these GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS contain all agreements between the parties.

3. In matters not dealt with, or not fully covered by the GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS shall apply the provisions of the Polish substantive law, in particular the civil code.

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